Papers in International Journals (2014)

  • Avlonitis, M.  and  Papadopoulos,  G. A., 2014.
    Foreshocks and b  Value:  Bridging Macroscopic Observations  to Source  Mechanical Considerations.
    Pure  Appl. Geophys., DOI 10.1007/s00024-014-0799.

  • Baskoutas I. and A., D Alessandro.  2014. 
    Study of the seismicity temporal variation for the current seismic hazard evaluation in Val d Agri, Italy.
    Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 14, 3169–3174, 2014. doi:10.5194/nhess-14-3169-2014

  • Baskoutas I. and George Papadopoulos.  2014. 
    Precursory seismicity pattern before strong earthquakes in Greece.
    Research in Geophysics. DOI:

  • Chousianitis K., Del Gaudio V., Kalogeras I. and Ganas, A. (2014). 
    Predictive model of Arias intensity and Newmark displacement for regional scale evaluation of earthquake-induced landslide hazard in Greece.
    Soil Dyn Earthquake Eng., 65, 11-29.

  • Daskalaki, E., Papadopoulos, G. A., Spiliotis, K. and Siettos, K. 2014.
    Analysing the topology of seismicity in the Hellenic arc using complex networks. 
    J. of Seismology, 18, 37-46.

  • Evangelidis, C.P., 2014,
    Imaging supershear rupture for the 2014 Mw 6.9 Northern Aegean earthquake by backprojection of strong motion waveforms,
    Geophysical Research Letters,  42, 307–315, doi:10.1002/2014GL062513

  • Ganas A., Karastathis V., Moshou A., Valkaniotis S., Mouzakiotis E., Papathanassiou G., (2014).
    Aftershock relocation and frequency–size distribution, stress inversion and seismotectonic setting of the 7 August 2013 M=5.4 earthquake in Kallidromon Mountain, central Greece,
    Tectonophysics, 617, pp. 101-113.Elsevier

  • Ganas A., Roumelioti Z., Karastathis V., Chousianitis K., Moshou A., Mouzakiotis E. (2014).
    The Lemnos 8 January 2013 (M w = 5.7) earthquake: fault slip, aftershock properties and static stress transfer modeling in the north Aegean Sea.
    Journal of Seismology, 18(3), 433-455

  • Karastathis, V., & Mouzakiotis, E. (2014).
    Combined onshore and offshore seismic investigations image fault structure at the geothermal field of Aedipsos-Yaltra, central Greece.
    First Break, 32(8), 61-64.

  • Kassaras, I., Kapetanidis, V., Karakonstantis, A., Kouskouna, V., Ganas, A., Chouliaras, G., Drakatos, G., Moshou, A., Mitropoulou, V., Argyrakis, P., Lekkas, E. and K. Makropoulos, 2014.
    Constraints on the dynamics and spatio-temporal evolution of the 2011 Oichalia seismic swarm (SW Peloponnesus, Greece).
    Tectonophysics 614 (2014) 100–127

  • Margaris, B., I. Kalogeras, Ch. Papaioannou, A. Savvaidis, N. Theodoulidis (2014).
    Evaluation of the national strong motion network in Greece: deployment, data-processing and site characterization.
    Bull. Earthquake Engineering, 12 (1), 237-254.

  • Mignan, A. and G. Chouliaras.
    50 Years of Seismic Network Performance in Greece (1964-2013): Spatiotemporal Evolution of the Completeness Magnitude,
    Seismological Research Letters, vol.85, no.3, pp. 657-667.

  • Papadopoulos, G. A., V. K.  Karastathis, I. Koukouvelas, M. Sachpazi, I. Baskoutas, G. Chouliaras, A. Agalos, E. Daskalaki, G. Minadakis, A.,   Moschou, A. Mouzakiotis, K. Orfanogiannaki, A. Papageorgiou, D. Spanos and I. Triantafyllou, 2014.
    The Cephalonia, Ionian Sea (Greece), sequence of strong earthquakes of   January-February  2014: a first report.
    Research in Geophysics, DOI: 10.4081/rg.2014.5441.

  • Papadopoulos, G. A., E. Gràcia, R. Urgeles, V. Sallares, P.M. De Martini, D. Pantosti, M. González, A. C. Yalciner, J. Mascle, D. Sakellariou, A. Salamon, S. Tinti, V., Karastathis, A. Fokaefs, A. , Camerlenghi, T. Novikova and A. Papageorgiou, 2014.
    Historical and pre-historical tsunamis in the Mediterranean and its connected seas: Geological signatures, generation mechanisms and coastal impacts.
    Marine Geology, 2014, DOI: 10.1016/j.margeo.2014.04.014. (Invited Review Article).

  • Papadopoulos, G. A. and K. Orfanogiannaki., 2014. 
    Ιdentification of temporal patterns in the seismicity of Sumatra using Poisson Hidden Markov models.
    Research in Geophysics, DOI: 10.4081/rg.2014.4969.

  • Papadopoulos, G. A., Baskoutas, I. and Fokaefs, A., 2014.
    Historical seismicity of the Kyparissiakos Gulf,  western Peloponnese, Greece.
    Boll. Geof. Teor. Appl., 55, 389-404, DOI 10.4430/bgta0096.

  • Papadopoulos, G. A., Daskalaki, E., Fokaefs, A. and Novikova, T., 2014.
    Tsunamigenic potential of local and distant tsunami sources threatening SW Peloponnese.
    Boll. Geof. Teor. Appl., 55, 469-484, DOI 10.4430/bgta0097.

  • Papoulia, J., Nicolich, R., Makris, J., Slejko, D., Mascle, J., Papadopoulos, G. A., Anagnostou, Ch., Camera, L., Daskalaki, E., Fasoulaka, Ch., Fokaefs, A., Fountoulis, I., Garcia, J., Gülkan, P., Mariolakos, I., Pomonis, A., Santulin, M., Tsambas, A., Wardell, N., and Yalciner, A., 2014.
    A new seismogenic model for the Kyparissiakos Gulf,  and western Peloponnese (SW Hellenic Arc).
    Boll. Geof. Teor. Appl., 55, 405-432, DOI 10.4430/bgta0127.

  • Savvaidis, A., B. Margaris, N. Theodoulidis, V. Lekidis, Ch. Karakostas, C. Loupasakis, D. Rozos, P. Soupios, M. -D. Mangriotis, U. Dikmen, Par. Tsangaratos, E. Kokinou, A. Vafidis, Th. Rondoyanni, I. Kalogeras, S. Koutrakis, A. Sarris, N. Papadopoulos (2014).
    Geo-Characterization at selected accelerometric stations in Crete (Greece) and comparison of earthquake data recordings with EC8 elastic spectra.
    Central European Journal of Geoscienses, 6 (1), 88-103.

  • Valkaniotis S., Ganas A., Papathanassiou, G., and Papanikolaou M., 2014.
    Field observations of geological effects triggered by the January-February 2014 Cephalonia (Ionian Sea, Greece) earthquakes,
    Tectonophysics, 630, 150-157, http://dx.doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2014.05.012 

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