Papers in International Journals (2010)

  • Ganas, A., Grecu, B., Batsi, E., Radulian, M.
    Vrancea slab earthquakes triggered by static stress transfer
    (2010) Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 10 (12), pp. 2565-2577.

  • Karastathis, V.K., Papadopoulos, G.A., Novikova, T., Roumelioti, Z., Karmis, P., Tsombos, P.
    Prediction and evaluation of nonlinear site response with potentially liquefiable layers in the area of Nafplion (Peloponnesus, Greece) for a repeat of historical earthquakes
    (2010) Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 10 (11), pp. 2281-2304.

  • Gesret, A., Laigle, M., Diaz, J., Sachpazi, M., Hirn, A.
    The oceanic nature of the African slab subducted under Peloponnesus: Thin-layer resolution from multiscale analysis of teleseismic P-to-S converted waves
    (2010) Geophysical Journal International, 183 (2), pp. 833-849.

  • Karastathis, V.K., Karmis, P., Novikova, T., Roumelioti, Z., Gerolymatou, E., Papanastassiou, D., Liakopoulos, S., Tsombos, P., Papadopoulos, G.A.
    The contribution of geophysical techniques to site characterisation and liquefaction risk assessment: Case study of Nafplion City, Greece
    (2010) Journal of Applied Geophysics, 72 (3), pp. 194-211.

  • Ganas, A., Lagios, E., Petropoulos, G., Psiloglou, B.
    Thermal imaging of Nisyros volcano (Aegean Sea) using ASTER data: Estimation of radiative heat flux
    (2010) International Journal of Remote Sensing, 31 (15), pp. 4033-4047.

  • Konstantinou, K.I., Melis, N.S., Boukouras, K.
    Routine regional moment tensor inversion for earthquakes in the Greek region: The national observatory of Athens (NOA) database (2001-2006)
    (2010) Seismological Research Letters, 81 (5), pp. 750-760.

  • Papadopoulos, G.A., Karastathis, V., Kontoes, C., Charalampakis, M., Fokaefs, A., Papoutsis, I.
    Crustal deformation associated with east Mediterranean strike-slip earthquakes: The 8 June 2008 Movri (NW Peloponnese), Greece, earthquake (M w6.4)
    (2010) Tectonophysics, 492 (1-4), pp. 201-212.

  • Papadopoulos, G.A., Daskalaki, E., Fokaefs, A., Giraleas, N.
    Tsunami hazard in the eastern Mediterranean sea: Strong earthquakes and tsunamis in the West Hellenic arc and trench system
    (2010) Journal of Earthquake and Tsunami, 4 (3), pp. 145-179.

  • Orfanogiannaki, K., Karlis, D., Papadopoulos, G.A.
    Identifying Seismicity Levels via Poisson Hidden Markov Models
    (2010) Pure and Applied Geophysics, 167 (8-9), pp. 919-931.

  • Khairunniza-Bejo, S., Petrou, M., Ganas, A.
    Local similarity measure for landslide detection and identification in comparison with the image differencing method
    (2010) International Journal of Remote Sensing, 31 (23), pp. 6033-6045.

  • Slejko, D., Santulin, M., Garcia, J., Papoulia, J., Daskalaki, E., Fasulaka, Ch., Fokaefs, A., Ilinski, D., Mascle, J., Makris, J., Nicolich, R., Papadopoulos, G.A., Tsambas, A., Wardell, N.
    Preliminary seismic hazard assessments for the area of Pylos and surrounding region (SW Peloponnese)
    (2010) Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata, 51 (2-3), pp. 163-186.

  • Tselentis, G-A., Stavrakakis, G., Sokos, E., Gkika, F., Serpetsidaki, A.
    Tsunami hazard assessment in the Ionian Sea due to potential tsunamogenic sources - Results from numerical simulations
    (2010) Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 10 (5), pp. 1021-1030.

  • Cundy, A.B., Gaki-Papanastassiou, K., Papanastassiou, D., Maroukian, H., Frogley, M.R., Cane, T.
    Geological and geomorphological evidence of recent coastal uplift along a major Hellenic normal fault system (the Kamena Vourla fault zone, NW Evoikos Gulf, Greece)
    (2010) Marine Geology, 271 (1-2), pp. 156-164.

  • Papadopoulos, G.A., Charalampakis, M., Fokaefs, A., Minadakis, G.
    Strong foreshock signal preceding the L'Aquila (Italy) earthquake (Mw 6.3) of 6 April 2009
    (2010) Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 10 (1), pp. 19-24.
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