Papers in International Journals (2006)

  • Sodoudi, F., Kind, R., Hatzfeld, D., Priestley, K., Hanka, W., Wylegalla, K., Stavrakakis, G., Vafidis, A., Harjes, H.-P., Bohnhoff, M.
    Lithospheric structure of the Aegean obtained from P and S receiver functions
    (2006) Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth, 111 (12), art. no. B12307, .

  • Benetatos, C., Kiratzi, A., Ganas, A., Ziazia, M., Plessa, A., Drakatos, G.
    Strike-slip motions in the Gulf of Sigacik (western Turkey): Properties of the 17 October 2005 earthquake seismic sequence
    (2006) Tectonophysics, 426 (3-4), pp. 263-279.

  • Papadopoulos, G.A., Latoussakis, I., Daskalaki, E., Diakogianni, G., Fokaefs, A., Kolligri, M., Liadopoulou, K., Orfanogiannaki, K., Pirentis, A.
    The East Aegean Sea strong earthquake sequence of October-November 2005: Lessons learned for earthquake prediction from foreshocks
    (2006) Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 6 (6), pp. 895-901.

  • Bohnhoff, M., Rische, M., Meier, T., Becker, D., Stavrakakis, G., Harjes, H.-P.
    Microseismic activity in the Hellenic Volcanic Arc, Greece, with emphasis on the seismotectonic setting of the Santorini-Amorgos zone
    (2006) Tectonophysics, 423 (1-4), pp. 17-33.

  • Cowie, P.A., Attal, M., Tucker, G.E., Whittaker, A.C., Naylor, M., Ganas, A., Roberts, G.P.
    Investigating the surface process response to fault interaction and linkage using a numerical modelling approach
    (2006) Basin Research, 18 (3), pp. 231-266.

  • Konstantinou, K.I., Kalogeras, I.S., Melis, N.S., Kourouzidis, M.C., Stavrakakis, G.N.
    The 8 January 2006 earthquake (M W 6.7) offshore Kythira Island, southern Greece: Seismological, strong-motion, and macroseismic observations of an intermediate-depth event
    (2006) Seismological Research Letters, 77 (5), pp. 544-553.

  • Cundy, A.B., Sprague, D., Hopkinson, L., Maroukian, H., Gaki-Papanastassiou, K., Papanastassiou, D., Frogley, M.R.
    Geochemical and stratigraphic indicators of late Holocene coastal evolution in the Gythio area, southern Peloponnese, Greece
    (2006) Marine Geology, 230 (3-4), pp. 161-177.

  • Ganas, A., Sokos, E., Agalos, A., Leontakianakos, G., Pavlides, S.
    Coulomb stress triggering of earthquakes along the Atalanti Fault, central Greece: Two April 1894 M6+ events and stress change patterns
    (2006) Tectonophysics, 420 (3), pp. 357-369.

  • Melis, N.S., Konstantinou, K.I.
    Real-time Seismic Monitoring in the Greek Region: An Example from the 17 October 2005 East Aegean Sea Earthquake Sequence
    (2006) Seismological Research Letters, 77 (3), pp. 364-370.


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